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OSA&SPIE Student Chapter Joint Annual Report 2020

1. Officers

1.1. OSA Officers




Xianzhong Zhang

Vice President

Kai Zou


Zhongbao Yan


Aoran Feng


1.2. SPIE Officers




Jie Chen

Vice President

Yu Shi


Xiaowei Li


Jiao Wang


2. Activities

2.1 Student Representative Exchange

2.1.1 Periods of time

October 25, 17:00 2020

2.1.2 Summary

In October of this year, our president Xiao Wang attended the Student chapter leadership conference. After the return trip, she shared her experiences and put forward the prospects for the next development of the association.

2.1.3 Photos

Fig. 2.1.1 Student Representative Exchange

2.2 Visiting activities of high-tech companies

2.2.1 Periods of time

November 7, 2020 from 7-12 am

2.2.2 Summary

In order to further enhance the students' innovative entrepreneurship and practical ability, help students broaden their vision of scientific and technological innovation and find out the future employment direction, we organized members to go to Tianjin Binhai and visited SubBlue underwater Intelligent Science and Technology Company, Limited, and Efly Science and Technology Company, Limited. In SubBlue company, Mr. Liu Qi, deputy general manager of sales, showed students the company's development history, business philosophy and main business direction, and introduced in detail several typical application cases such as South to North Water Diversion, Arctic scientific research, aquaculture, etc. After that, the students came to Efly intelligent control company. Mr. Wang ZiFeng, the chief executive officer, introduced the development history, business layout, development concept and key technology innovation of Efly intelligent control company, and popularized the application prospect of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) automatic charging and maintenance device, UAV distribution materials and other technologies. This activity is very successful. It not only broadens the students' vision, but also enables us to further understand the talent demand of the market.

2.2.3 Photos