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OSA&SPIE Student Chapter Joint Annual Report 2021

OSA&SPIE Student Chapter Joint Annual Report 2021

1. Officers

1.1. OSA Officers




Jiao Wang

Vice President

Yun Meng


Menghan Zhao


Zihao Li


1.2. SPIE Officers




Aoran Feng

Vice President

Ruyi Feng


Mingkui Wang


Shoujun Zhang


2. Activities

2.1 Begonia series—Academic Annual Meeting

2.1.1 Periods of time

December 29, 2020, from 6-9pm

2.1.2 Summary

In order to let students learn about the academic frontiers, strengthen their passion for optics and broaden their horizons. On December 29,2020, As the organizer, we invited Hebei University of Technology and Nankai University to join our Begonia Series-Academic Annual Meeting. We were honored to invite Professor Xiaolong Hu from Tianjin University to come and give us guidance. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, we held this meeting online. This meeting was hosted by Aoran Feng, who is one of the officers of Tianjin Uni. SPIE Student Chapter. Five students from different universities gave academic reports introducing their research results in respective fields. The audiences also came from different schools, there were almost 34 teachers and students online. The Begonias series -Academic Annual Meeting was held successfully, which greatly broadened the students' knowledge field.


2.1.3 Photos




Fig. 2.1.1 Begonia series—Academic Annual Meeting


2.2 Begonia series—Teachers’ Talk

2.2.1 Periods of time

From March 19 to May 8

2.2.2 Summary

Many students whose major is Optical Engineering or Opto-electronics are confused about their future. For example, they don’t know how to balance entertainment and study. They also have no idea what job they could do after graduation. In order to solve the problems of students, we collected common questions among students in the form of questionnaires and then interviewed employment-related teachers and professors who have a lot of scientific research experiences. Our Chapter Jie Chen came up with this idea, and the work was accomplished by officers of SPIE and OSA. Finally, we send the interview results in a form of text back to the students by Wechat platform.



2.2.3 Photos

Fig. 2.2.1 Begonia series—Teachers’ Talk


2.3 The International Day of Light——Academic Speech

2.3.1 Periods of time

May 14, 2021, 3:00pm/om November 10 to November 13, 2020

2.3.2 Summary of the activity

As usual, we organize activity every year to celebrate and memorize International Day of Light .In order to arise students interest and broaden their horizon, this year we were so honored to invite Professor Tiegen Liu from the School of Precision Instruments of Tianjin University to tell us about the latest developments in optoelectronic technology and optical fiber sensing, focusing on the application of sensing technology in the fields of national security, major engineering and cutting-edge scientific research. This academic speech was organized and held on May 14, 2021. We cooperated with Chinese Optical Society of Tianjin University branch to organize this academic speech. There were almost forty students joining this activity.


2.3.3 Photos