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A review of the first activities of the second Youth Education

    On April 7, 2017, in anticipation, the second Youth Education activity opened the curtain. On this day, we came to Tianjin University affiliated primary school, and children in grades two to five opened a wonderful optical journey.

    As the first of the Youth Education series, the lecturer Sun Fuping taught his children a vivid explanation of the light, the straight line of light, the speed of light, and so on.


    The little friends have a strong curiosity and desire for these new knowledge , a serious and enthusiastic listening to the " teacher " lecture , and a lovely little boy active and we discuss the related issues of the black hole , perhaps the future Nobel physicist .

     In the optical lecture hall , we also carried out interesting experiment contents , together observed the propagation of light in the water - the small friends gathered together , carefully observed the phenomenon in the water , the little brain melon could not already have a strong interest in the optics !

The first activity is successful in the laughter of everyone , everyone has his own harvest , also for Youth Education ' s activities have opened a good head , we meet at the same time at the same time on April 14 , next Friday , as the first place of the Youth education series activity . As the first place of the youth education series , the teacher , Sun Liping teacher , vividly explained the light source , the linear propagation of light , the light speed and so on .

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