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Academic activities

    Since the beginning of its founding, the community has been paying attention to the academic exchanges with the outside world and has successfully held many academic activities.

1. optical community of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lecturer: Professor Hu Xiaolong

Department introduction: Massachusetts Institute of Technology has many of the leading position in optical studies such as ultrafast laser, OCT, optoelectronic devices, bio photonics, AMO and so on. In addition to the top of the researchers and laboratories, there is a culture and a mechanism to promote the achievements of outstanding research output. This kind of culture is the traditional combination of basic research and consensus and the actual application; this mechanism is scientific research management organization structure network, to promote dialogue between researchers, cooperation, fusion of horizons, common culture and innovation. This mechanism makes this research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The optical characteristics is formed, a vibrant community.

2. lecture series on micro nanphotonics

Nano optoelectronics reveals a series of new physical phenomena and unique photoelectric characteristics in mesoscopic field theoretically, and provides a new way for the realization of new functional optoelectronic devices and applications.

(1) Professor Gu Ying of the College of physics of Peking University, a lecture entitled "the intersection and application of surface plasmon optics"

(2) Professor Huang Yidong of the Department of electronic engineering of Tsinghua University, a lecture entitled "new functional optoelectronic devices based on nanostructures"

(3) Tsinghua University professor Ning Cunzheng Semiconductor Nanolasers: From Metallic and brought Plasmonic Cavities to Monolithic White Lasers lecture for us

    In addition, Professor Zeng hank of Chinese University Hong Kong, Professor Sun Xiankai, Professor Zhao Ni and others have been invited to do the academic report.


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