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Tianjin University OPTICA& SPIE Student Club

Tianjin University OPTICA & SPIE Student Club was established in early 2015, and it is approved by the optical society of America and founded by school of Precision Instruments & Opto-Electronic Engineering student community organization. Its members currently include professor xiao-long hu and more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Tianjin University OPTICA  & SPIE Student Club oriented students professional related to optics and interested in optics, the purpose is to strengthen the communication with colleges and institutes at home and abroad, participate in international or regional research discussion activities, provide advanced optics and photonics information, creat academic exchange platform, and develop their professional knowledge and ability ,with the aid of OPTICA  and SPIE platform through effective community management organization.

1. Department Division

Tianjin University OPTICA  & SPIE Student Club adopts the membership system, including the presidium, the external liaison department, the planning department and the propaganda department.

Bureau: including the chairman, vice-chairmen and secretaries. Mainly responsible for the planning, arrangement and communication with OPTICA  and SPIE.

External liaison department: mainly responsible for the contact with related enterprises, experts and engineers, and management of daily activities and payments;

Planning department: mainly responsible for project application, planning and arrangement of activities;

Publicity department: mainly responsible for the publicity and summary record of the activities of the club, the maintenance and operation of WeChat public number and website.

2. Club activities

Academic exchange: at least once a month, members of the club can exchange learning experiences and problems encountered in scientific research.

Professional training: club will regularly invite famous enterprises at home and abroad engineers (Zeiss, thorlabs) come to school to various hardware and software of the training of members, club members have a chance to visit its corporate laboratories;

International communication: international top professors will be invited to come to school to do academic report every year, and the outstanding members will represent the club to join the ions (international network of students) in different countries conference (6 times a year), and can travel and accommodation to sponsor;

Internal fellowship: the club will organize regular fellowship activities with the optical branch of other universities. The club will organize regular gatherings and outing ect.

3. Membership benefits.

1.Free download all resources of OPTICA , SPIE database;

2. Free subscribe to academic journals;

3. Enjoy the discount of the world's top academic conferences;

4. Get a daily update of the latest scientific research direction.


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