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OSA&SPIE Student Chapter Joint Annual Report 2018


1. Officers

1.1. OSA Officers




Liran Zhuo

Vice President

Huan Zhang


Xiao Wang


Zhenzhen Ma


1.2. SPIE Officers




Huishuo Zhao

Vice President

Weiqian Zhang


Yanxue Shao


Congcong Fan


2. Activities

2.1 Speech Contest

2.1.1 Periods of time

January 2018

2.1.2 Summary

We held the "If I am a Photon" English speech contest. Students from different grades and different majors showed their talents during the competition. The speech contest went successfully. We divided the activity into two parts, the online speech article competition and live speech contest. In the online part, everyone can join the competition and submit their article for the speech, after the deadline, we select the best six to join the live speech competition. We invited the students and teachers as the judge and give the top three a prize and certificate. All the participants exercise their oral-English and increase the interest in Optics.

2.1.3 Photos

Fig. 2.1.1 Speech Contest

2.2 OSA Traveling Lecture

2.2.1 Periods of time

April 2018

2.2.2 Summary

In April, we invited the famous Professor Roman Sobolewski of the University of Rochester to visit China and participate in the Travel Lecture activity. Roman Sobolewski has published nearly 400 high-level publications and has conducted more than 200 invited conferences worldwide. Professor Roman conducted two lectures on optical knowledge in different contents at Tianjin University. After the lectures, Professor Roman communicated with the students on relevant content.

2.2.3 Photos

Fig. 2.2.1 OSA Traveling Lecture

2.3 President’s experience in America

2.3.1 Periods of time

October 2018

2.3.2 Summary of the activity

In October, our president Na Xiao attended the Student chapter leadership conference. When she returned to school, Na Xiao introduced her experiences in the conference. Finally, she put forward her own suggestions on the future development of the association.

2.4 Collaborating with Nankai University student chapter

2.4.1 Periods of time

October 2018

2.4.2 Summary of the activity

In October, we invited OSA members from Nankai University to visit the laboratory of Tianjin University. After that, we visited the laboratory of Nankai University together with the new members of Tianjin University. The members learned some new knowledge about their research direction during the visit and discussed more with the teachers of relevant majors.

2.4.3 Photos

Fig. 2.4.1 Collaborating with Nankai University student chapter

2.5 Youth Education

2.5.1 Periods of time

September to October 2018

2.5.2 Summary of the activity

Since September, Tianjin University SPIE Student Chapter held a series of optical courses “Youth Education” in Tianjin University affiliated primary School. We spread optical knowledge to students from grade two to grade five who come from the Rotary Primary School and He Bei Center Primary School located in Tianjin. We held four classes with more than one hundred students participated in. "Optical knowledge into the classroom" aims to stimulate young people's enthusiasm for optics and promote the popularization and dissemination of optical knowledge. Our chapter will explain optical knowledge to students in class in the form of optical knowledge, reveal some optical phenomena hidden behind life, enhance students' understanding of optics and enhance their interests in learning.

The first class was held on September 7th, our chapter’s former member Xin Chang and current member Chang Feng separately went to He Bei Center Primary School and the Rotary Primary School, then they both gave a valid explanation of optical source, image by ping hole caused by rectilinear propagation of light, the speed of light and so on. They use laser pointer to show rectilinear propagation of light to the students. Finally, teacher Xin Chang took everyone to watch the beautiful hand shadow dance, students followed teacher Xin Chang happily learning how to make a beautiful hand shadow dance. The children all said they would go home and make shadow dances for their parents.

The second class was held on September 18th, our chapter’s president Chi Zhang taught them some knowledge about the reflection of light. The teachers cited the common equipment made by the reflection principle of light in life, so that the students found more reflection knowledge from life. In order to let the students better understand the principle of light reflection, the two teachers also personally taught the students to make props, the children hands-on practice, further deepen the students' understanding of the knowledge contained in the light reflection.

The third class was held on October 10th, our chapter member Huan Zhang taught them the refraction of light. We use water and chopsticks to show the refraction of light to them , we lifted the veil of mystery from a mirage.

The forth class was held on October 17th, our chapter member Huishuo Zhao and Weiqian Zhang gave a wonderful class about fantastic optics. Teacher Huishuo Zhao, the keynote speaker of the Rotary Primary School in Hexi district, vividly explained the basic knowledge of lens to the children. Through the example of myopic lens and presbyopia lens, students learned how to distinguish convex lens and concave lens. Then, by demonstrating the experiment, the students understood that a convex lens can focus light and a concave lens can emit light. The students all said that they want to compare their own myopic lens and their grandfather’s and grandma's presbyopia lens to see the distinction between them! Through this activity, students understood the principle of magnifying glass imaging in life, the projection principle of the projector, the difference between the objective lens of the telescope and the eyepiece. Teacher Weiqian Zhang, the keynote speaker of Central Primary School in hebei district, also brought wonderful content to the students. She made the students understand the difference between a convex lens and a concave lens by explaining the deflection of a lens to light.

The atmosphere of classroom was very active, the students are eager to ask questions. This activity stimulates students' enthusiasm for optics and promotes the popularization and dissemination of optical knowledge.

2.5.3 Photos





Fig. 2.5.1 Youth Education1



Fig. 2.5.2 Youth Education2

2.6 Travel to Changchun Institute of Optics

2.6.1 Periods of time

October 2018

2.6.2 Summary of the activity

From October 11th to October 13th, we were invited to attend the optoelectronic exchange conference held by Students chapter of Changchun Institute of Optics.


2.6.3 Photos

Fig. 2.6.1 travel to Changchun Institute of Optics

2.7 Travel to Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics

2.7.1 Periods of time

November 2018

2.7.2 Summary of the activity

From November 16th to October 18th, we were invited to attend the 2018 Shanxi province graduate student optics and optoelectronics academic BBS held by Students chapter of Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2.7.3 Photos

Fig. 2.7.1 travel to Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics


Fig. 2.7.2 A group photo




2.8 SPIE Traveling Lecture

2.8.1 Periods of time

December 2018

2.8.2 Summary of the activity

In December, we invited Dr. Yang Yue from Nankai University to Tianjin University for a lecture on Optical Communications: Latest Progress and Challenge. Yang Yue is a Hardware Engineer at Juniper Networks in USA. He received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and the M.S. degree in Optics from Nankai University, Tianjin, China, in 2004 and 2007, respectively. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA, in 2012. Dr. Yue is one of the recipients of the 2011 IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Fellowship and 2011 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad. He received the Department Spotlight Award and CEO Team Excellence Award from Juniper Networks USA in 2016. He has been selected to “Marquis Who's Who in the World”, “IBC Top 100 Engineers”, and “IBC Top 100 Professionals”. Dr. Yue spoke with great eloquence and introduced his own study experience and work experience to us, which greatly inspired the students present. He was fond of NBA and also indulged in the research of optical communication.

After the lecture, Dr. Yue visited the key laboratory of the ministry of education of Tianjin university of optoelectronic information, including the photonic system laboratory, optical fiber nonlinear photonic laboratory, optical fiber sensing laboratory, ultra-fast laser laboratory, etc., and he praised the excellent laboratory equipment of our university.

2.8.3 Photos

Fig. 2.8.1 SPIE Traveling Lecture

2.9 The 2nd symposium on computational imaging technology and applications

2.9.1 Periods of time

December 2018

2.9.2 Summary of the activity

We assisted OSA students chapter of Xian university of electronic science and technology to jointly hold the event sucessfully.

2.9.3 Photos

Fig. 2.9.1 The 2nd symposium on computational imaging technology and applications

3. Budgets






2017 remaining grant




2018 SPIE activity grant




"If I'm a photon" speech




Travelling Lecture




Youth Education




Website Maintenance




Take in New Members




Help new members register




Traveling to CNU for Annual party




Collaborating with Nankai University student chapter




Regular Meeting





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