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Summary of activities to visit Nankai University Laboratory

     In order to increase our knowledge and promote knowledge exchange, on October 28, 2018, more than 30 OSA&SPIE students went to the Laboratory of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering of Nankai University to visit, learn and communicate. Under the leadership of the OSA chairman of Nankai University, we visited the laboratory  layer by layer.


       Nankai Optical Laboratory has five high-level innovative research platforms: micro-nano optical research platform, ultra-fast photonics research platform, bio-optical and nonlinear spectral imaging research platform, modern optical image-information technology research platform and fiber optic photonics research platform. The main research directions include: optical information processing and display imaging detection technology, micro-nano photonics and light field control technology, ultra-fast photonics and information acquisition and material processing technology, fiber photonics and modern optical communication sensing technology, Hertz-photonics and broadband wireless communication technology and biophotonics and spectral imaging technology.

       We listened carefully to the lectures of the various lab students, and we were very interested in the contents. We talked about the problems and exchanged views. Under their guidance, we personally practiced some fun and interesting projects. In the end, each of us also tried new VR technology, which is very impressive. The last visit ended successfully, and I am very grateful to the friends of Nankai.

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